Front and reverse views of a threeboard batten door installed in plain flat jamb trim.

The bean latch grasp is mounted on the side opposite the strap hinges, with the back latch (bar, staple and strike) mounted on the same side as the strap hinges.

A six-panel door with a bean latch installed but hung with HL hinges on the reverse side. The jamb is again flush with the door face but includes a band moulding installed around the outer edge of the casing (see detail below and to the right for the latch installation for this door).

Where it is desirable to have the latch grasp on the same side as the hinges (a reverse bevel situation), an offset latch bar and a flat strike can be substituted for the flat bar and standard braced strike.



Pre-drill a hole through the door for the nail using a drill diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the nail shank. Holding a block of scrap wood against the area of the nail hole, drive the nail through the door and into the block a short distance, ~3/16" taking care not to drive the nail into your hand. Use of the block as a backer when driving the nail helps to prevent split out of the wood around the nail on the back side of the door.


Remove the block and bend the tip nail 90 degrees in the direction of the wood grain. Bending across the grain will make it more difficult to seat the clinch flush with the door surface.


Using a hammer or pliers, make another 90 degree bend back against the door surface.


Place a hammer against the bent tail of the nail and drive the nail head from the opposite side with another hammer to seat the nail shank into the wood surface.

Three sketches of a typical thumblatch installation, but omitting the clinch nails for clarity. The section to the left shows the installation of a thumblatch with the grasp on the left and the bar and staple or guide mounted on the right side, with the thumb lift projecting through the door beneath the bar. To the right above is a typical cross section of a door and jamb showing the areas where the latch is mounted. Above to the right is the back set or bar and staple mounted on the door and the braced drive strike mounted on the jamb face.
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